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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

Get advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss from expert dietitian Tara Gidus. 

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New Way to Eat Fruit

I just discovered a new way to eat fruit. People often tell me that they don't eat fruit because it goes bad on them too quickly (poor excuse, but hey, it has happened to me, too). It gets put into the crisper drawer and long forgotten. Or I hear that fruit is too messy to eat. The last excuse is that they simply forget to have fruit. Are you one of the many Americans who are not getting the recommended number of servings of fruit each day? Is it because of one of the reasons stated above? I have a solution for you!

Fruit2Day is a new drinkable and edible fruit snack. It is a juice but has edible real fruit bits in it. It is truly unlike anything you have tried before. I especially love it because each bottle has 110-120 calories and is 2 servings of fruit! You are halfway to your recommended servings with just one bottle each day.

Also, it is a small bottle (6.75 oz) so it is easily portable and will not make a mess. It does not have any added sugar or preservatives and is 100% fruit. They have four flavors, but I am partial to the Mango Peach.

Put your fruit in the front of the fridge so you will see it when you open it up and won't forget to eat or drink it. Or, better yet, write yourself a note if you really keep forgetting!

To find Fruit2Day in a store near you, follow this link to type in your zip code and see where it is sold.
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