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Diet Diva

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New Product Alert: Special K Granola Bars

Special K Granola BarsPeople are busy. I get that. I am busy as a working mom with two young boys and nutrition isn’t always the top priority…even for me (shhh, don’t tell anyone!)!  Today, when people are rushed in between meetings or just swamped with work in the afternoon, snacking often becomes a low priority. When trying to lose weight or even just manage your weight, skipping meals and snacks can actually hinder your efforts.  Allowing yourself to get too hungry can lead to food cravings or overeating later on.

I am a big fan of eating light and eating often.  When choosing snacks, look for fiber and protein to keep you satisfied.  Aim for between 100-150 calories for each snack.

When snack time hits, there’s a new bar on the shelves that perfectly fits my guidelines.  Check out new Special K Granola bars. By planning ahead for those afternoon munchies, you can keep your blood sugars stable and your weight in check with the right snack. Snacks are not meant to fill you up, but they can bridge your hunger in between your next meal so you aren’t starving later on. I also call snacks "prevention":  they prevent you from eating too quickly, choosing the wrong things, and overeating!

In addition to the many Special K products, Kellogg’s continues to invent more yummy snack foods. Nutrition bars are always one of my go-to snacks during the day. They are super easy to throw in my bag, keep in my desk drawer at work, or even eat in the car when I’m transporting my boys around.

New Special K granola bars are available in two delicious flavors

This smart snack also has numerous nutritional benefits providing:

  • 4 g of fiber
  • 4 g of protein
  • 110 calories per bar
  • Only 3 g of fat

You can enjoy these awesome flavors at any time during the day to satisfy any sweet tooth without the guilt and as Kellogg’s would say “it’s the snack that loves you back.”  YUM!

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