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McD Premium Burger

Have you heard about the new premium burger at McDonald's? They have been testing it for several years in various locations around the US and it must have tested well because now they are coming to all US locations in the next few months. The burgers are one-third pound of Angus beef and the selling price is going to be $4. For a place known for it's dollar menu, this is a hefty price tag.

Before you get excited about this new burger, let's look at the stats:
Angus Bacon and Cheese
790 calories
39 g of fat
17 g saturated fat (87% of Daily Value)
2 g trans fat
2070 mg sodium (86% of Daily Value)

Angus Deluxe
750 calories
39 g fat
16 g saturated fat
2 g trans fat
1700 mg sodium (71% of Daily Value)

Angus Mushroom and Swiss
770 calories
40 g fat
17 g saturated fat
2 g trans fat
1170 mg sodium (49% of Daily Value)

Compare these new sandwiches to a Big Mac with 540 calories and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese with 510 calories. The double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 740 calories.

I guess McDonald's feels a need to keep up with other fast food and casual chains that are offering premium burgers at prices as high as $8 or more.

While I do not think this burger is in any way healthy, McDonald's does indeed have some lower calorie, lower fat choices. You can get a grilled chicken sandwich without mayo or one of the many salads.

You can look up any of your favorite choices at McDonald's on their nutrition information page.
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