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Diet Diva

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Get Moving: How to Make Time for Exercise

All too often I hear people say “I just don’t have time to exercise!” With deadlines, meetings, and making time for family, exercise can be easy to push aside. 

Although exercise may not be a priority, if performing well in your job and everyday life is important to you, exercise should be as well! Exercise increases your energy, lifts your mood, and makes you feel better overall. These benefits can lead to job improvement, increased focus, and a better quality of life that will be noticed by your friends, family, and co-workers. Incorporating exercise takes effort, but it’s worth it. Try these basic tips to incorporate more exercise in your daily routine.

  • Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Waking up a little earlier will give you extra time to exercise.
  • Do some form of physical activity daily. This includes running, biking, or doing the elliptical, but can also include taking the stairs, playing with your kids, house and yard work, or taking a walk with the family.
  • Take a break from work every 30-45 minutes to stretch, or take a walk around the building.
  • Wear a pedometer to keep track of the amount of steps you take.
  • Remember that some physical activity is always better than none.
  • Exercise with a friend for motivation.
  • Don’t run on empty:  Have a small snack before and after exercise.

With two small children and a very busy work schedule, it is easy for me to also claim I don’t have time for exercise.  Make a commitment to yourself to do something on a regular basis.  Even if it is just 10-15 minutes each morning, do something to keep yourself moving!

How do you keep yourself motivated to move?  

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