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Diet Diva

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New Product Review: Kashi Steam Meals

KashiLet’s face it, sometimes it is difficult to get to the kitchen to cook. Whether we are running errands, taking kids here and there, or just had a long day at work and the last thing we want to do is cook a meal for the family. Home cooked meals are obviously an excellent option, but when you are in a bind sometimes a frozen meal is the best solution. I actually eat them all the time and have tried a wide variety so I think I’m qualifying myself to tell you what is worth eating and what’s not.

I recently stumbled upon Kashi’s new steam meals in the frozen food aisle. If you haven’t had any of the Kashi products, they are wonderful! They are one of the newer health food companies and make a variety of products from bars to cereal to frozen meals. The new Steam Meals are found in the freezer section, and come in four different flavors: Chicken Fettuccine, Roasted Garlic Chicken Farfalle, Sesame Chicken, and Spinach and Artichoke Pasta. 

These meal-in-a-pouch items are so easy to prepare and are pretty tasty! So here’s how they work. These single-serving meals come in a plastic pouch that you microwave, unopened, for 4 minutes. Then after allowing it to sit and cool for a minute or so, open the pouch, pour it into a bowl, stir, and eat. I’m such a fan of frozen meals:  they can easily replace take out or fast food, plus they are much healthier and much less expensive.

So why are these meals worth eating?

  • All contain a decent amount of vegetables
  • No artificial ingredients and minimally processed
  • Made with whole grains
  • All 4 flavors are less than or right around 600 mg of sodium
  • All contain between 5-8 g of fiber
  • All contain between 10-17 g of protein

Do you do frozen meals often? If so, which ones are your favorites? 

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