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It's All Greek to Me!

Kalimera! If you’re reading this post on Monday, chances are I’m on a plane right now. I’m headed to a nutrition conference in Athens, Greece! But, I’m making a pit stop in Rome, Italy!!! I’ve been to Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, and Switzerland, but I’ve never been to either Italy or Greece. So needless to say, I’m very excited.

If all goes well technology-wise (i.e. my electricity converter works ok and I can upload my photos), I’ll be blogging about my experiences from Europe this week and next. I actually arrive in Rome Tuesday morning, so my next post should be up Tuesday night. I’ll be sharing my fabulous food adventures, and when the conference starts, I’ll summarize what I’ve learned each day.

OK, here are a few fun facts for the road (err, sky?):
-Kalimera means “good day” in Greek
-Athens is named after the goddess Athena (the goddess of civilization)
-The metro population of Athens is 3.7 million
-Athens’ sister cities within the U.S. include L.A., D.C., Chicago, Philly, and Athens, GA
-Olive oil is an ingredient in nearly every single Greek dish
-Key veggies in Greek cuisine include tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, okra, and onions (yum, yum!)
-Wine is the most common beverage in Greece
-Greek coffee is served thick and strong
-I LOVE Greek food!

photo courtesy of Geek Philosopher
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