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Diet Diva

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Holiday Drinks

We are in full swing of holiday cheer now with just under two weeks until Christmas! I have gone to several parties so far and have a few more before we even get to the family gatherings.

I wrote a few posts recently on avoiding the holiday gain and simple strategies to not gain even one pound during the holidays. One important part of our diet that we need to pay special attention to, especially at holiday time, is beverages. Liquid calories add up quickly and they don't really fill you up as much as solid food does.

Check out the calorie count of some common holiday drinks:
8 oz eggnog: 340 calories
8 oz light eggnog: 190 calories
12 oz (tall) Starbucks Gingerbread Latte: 260 calories
5 fl oz white wine: 120 calories
5 fl oz red wine: 120 calories
12 oz (tall) Starbucks Hot Chocolate: 320 calories
8 oz hot cider: 160 calories
8 oz alcoholic punch: 220 calories
12 oz regular beer: 150 calories

Once you add the calories you are getting from your drinks to the calories you are eating, it is no wonder we gain weight over the holidays! I am not going to be a complete scrooge, though!

Try this instead for fun drinks without all the calories:
  • Make a spritzer with your wine. Add calorie free club soda to the wine and you will cut your calories in half! Use equal parts soda and wine. It works great with white wine!
  • Use club soda instead of tonic or Sprite in your punch bowl.
  • Make your hot chocolate with packets of sugar free hot chocolate and low fat milk
  • Choose a sugar free syrup and low fat milk in your favorite coffee drink
  • Make sure you get the light eggnog and limit yourself to 6 oz. It is still very thick and rich and sip it slowly to enjoy every swallow!
  • Drink light beer instead of regular
  • Choose champagne instead of wine. The calories are less and most people drink smaller glasses and less of it.
  • Limit yourself to one drink with calories. Drink diet soda or sparkling water the rest of the night.
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