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Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Happy Holidays!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year……”

Here we are, in the midst of the holiday season. How are you doing so far? We have a week left of celebrating before the New Year’s Resolutions will come to take away those extra fruit cake calories.

Last minute tips for full Holiday enjoyment without packing on the pounds:

Enjoy the Season. 

This is the one time of the year you get to have eggnog (get the light variety), cranberries, and those special treats that are tradition in your family (rum balls for me!). Enjoy and savor every bite!

Focus on the fun. 

Spend your time visiting with family and friends you don’t see often, not hovering at the buffet table.

Eat light and eat often. 

Don’t skip meals waiting for the big holiday meal.  Don’t starve yourself the day after a big holiday buffet. Eat small meals and snacks regularly to keep your metabolism up.

Make time to MOVE. 

You will eat more calories during the holidays, so make sure you make up for them with more activity. Shopping counts!

Easy on the booze. 

Alcohol has calories and even one drink will loosen the mood and may decrease your self control when it comes to food. It may also loosen your tongue which could have unwanted consequences when you get back to the office next week!

Be realistic.

You may not lose weight during the holidays, but make it your goal not to gain. The New Year is for renewal and loss, the holidays are a time for fun and enjoyment. 

I tip my glass of light eggnog to you and yours this holiday season!

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