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Diet Diva

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Staying Healthy on the Job

Tips for Healthy Eating at the Office

A cluttered office desk.
Are you eating well at home but being tempted by office treats? Clients often tell me that they have healthy home eating down to a science, but they have trouble staying on track when they’re in the office. With office snacks and unhealthy vending options mixed with the stress of the job, it can be hard to say no even for those with the strongest willpower.

Eating well on the job is important for your health, but will also make you more productive. Eating nutritious food keeps you awake and energized, which allows you to be more productive throughout the day! For easy, healthy office eating, try these small but effective tips:

Prepare lunch in advance.

This will help you stay on track when high calorie takeout options are enticing you. Pack salad ingredients in separate bags to assemble at work and choose foods that will provide a balanced meal. Include protein, carbs, and healthy fats such as a salad with veggies and hard-boiled eggs, cottage cheese, or sliced turkey.

Stock your desk with healthy snacks.

This will keep you satiated during busy days. Good examples include nuts like almonds, pistachios, or pecans, hummus and veggies, yogurt with fruit, or nutrition bars.


Staying healthy at work is more than just eating right—you’ve also got to MOVE! Get your energy flowing and give yourself a calorie-busting boost throughout the day. Take movement breaks every 90 minutes and walk outside, do the stairs, stretch, or do chair exercises.

Take time to de-stress.

Do some deep breathing, go for a walk, close your eyes and relax; whatever works best for you. Reducing stress will calm your nerves and help you make healthier food choices.

Staying healthy on the job is important for your well-being and your productivity, so create a healthy environment to keep you on track.  Plan meals in advance, stock up on healthy snacks, stay active, and take some personal time. Not only will you feel better, but your co-workers will notice the difference too! 

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