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Healthy Eating on the Fly

Navigate through busy lines, masses of people, and unpredictable flight schedules, hunger-free!

Healthy eating on the flyDo you have upcoming flight plans? Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, it is important to get a healthy jumpstart, starting at the airport! With all of the donut shops and fast food chains lining every terminal, it can be hard to resist. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the busy lines, masses of people, and unpredictable flight schedules, hunger-free!

Early Morning Flights

Breakfast on the go is often based on convenience, not nutritional value. Instead of reaching for a pastry from the fast-pay line, opt for a cup of oatmeal, piece of fruit, and skinny latte. Fiber from the oatmeal and fruit, plus the protein found in a latte will give you the satiety needed for the duration of the flight! Filling up before the flight will also help you resist high fat/sugar snacks and drinks on board.

Unexpected Delays

With increased security precautions and delayed flight times, you may be in the airport longer than expected. Pre-pack snacks in your carry-on to have on hand, such as fruit and nut bars, a banana, or a PBJ sandwich to help curb hunger between flights.

Lunchtime Flight

Plan ahead. Grab a deli sandwich filled with veggies and lean meats before your flight for a healthy alternative to the pricey on-board menu.

Snack Paradise

The newsstands at each terminal are filled with snacks of every kind, mostly junk food. Look for nuts and dried fruit or a protein bar for a quick energy boost to help you get through even the most dreaded flight. I’ve always got my tin of almonds and nutrition bars with me at all times!


Water is often one of the most overlooked travel accessory when flying. Because of high altitudes, it is easier to become dehydrated, especially during long flights. Always keep a water bottle with you. Better yet, a reusable one from home, to help stay hydrated! I carry my canteen empty through security and fill it on the other side at a water fountain. Saves money and plastic!

Keep Moving

Avoid high sodium foods to help minimize swelling and keep moving during a flight to help maintain circulation.  

Make your trip more enjoyable by focusing on the things you can control, such as making healthy food choices!

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