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Diet Diva

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Healthy Eating: Game Day

Tips to enjoy the game and treat your body well at the same time!

Food at ball game.As a dietitian for a professional sports team (Go Orlando Magic!), I enjoy my regular dose of fun sporting events. Isn’t it ironic that while the athletes are sweating it out on the court or field, we’re in the stands stuffing in the calories? 

Going to your favorite game is a great way to spend your day, but it can also be harmful for your waistline! Arenas and other sport venues are packed with decadent treats in jumbo sizes, which can quickly add too many calories to your day.

Though a few arenas have made changes to what they offer, many haven’t followed their lead and are still offering gut-busting options.

So what to do? Luckily, there are a few ways to enjoy the game and treat your body well at the same time! Try these tips for a great game day:

  • Don’t go to the game starving. Have a healthy snack or meal before heading out to avoid temptation.
  • Bring your own snacks. Fill a purse or bag with some granola bars, nuts, fresh fruit or raw veggies. This will help you eat well and also save you money!
  • Search the stadium for healthy options. Many display their calorie counts, and there may be a hidden gem at your local arena. Looking for healthy foods is also a great way to get in some walking!
  • For your best bets, try choosing the following healthier options that have been spotted at arenas:
    • grilled chicken salads and sandwiches. Hold the mayo and get a light dressing.
    • grilled chicken or shrimp tacos with salsa
    • fresh produce
    • veggie burgers
    • veggie and hummus wrap
    • sushi
    • cotton candy (It’s not as high in calories as you think!)

If you’re having trouble finding healthier options, grab a friend and split a dish. Many game-time meals are supersized and can easily be shared between two.

Game day can be fun and healthy too, so grab your friends and have a ball (I couldn’t resist!).

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Tags: Healthy Eating , Nutrition , Restaurant Nutrition

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