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Grilling Out This Weekend?

I am looking out the window at a heavy rainstorm right now and having a hard time imagining grilling out this weekend, but Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff of grilling season in the United States. So....it would be nice if this rainy weather would clear for some major grilling to take place.

Do you love that char-grilled taste? Unfortunately some research has linked the charring on meats to increased risk of certain cancers, specifically pancreatic and prostate cancer. So instead of charring, cook on a lower heat and turn the meat more often, about every minute to avoid burning it. When appropriate, use a marinade on the meat and that seems to protect it, too. You can also precook in the microwave for a few minutes and reduce the production of harmful chemicals.

Charring veggies doesn't seem to produce the cancerous compounds, so get a veggie basket and grill some peppers, onions, asparagus, zucchini, or whatever your heart desires. I love veggies on the grill.

Of course I encourage grilling lean meats like lean burgers, sirloin steak, chicken breast, and pork tenderloin. Or my favorite....veggie burgers! Everyone does hamburgers, so get out of that rut and try something new! Check out this recipe for Grilled Indian Pork Kabobs with Sweet Onions and Red Bell Peppers.

For more on how to grill well, check out these grilling tips from the Reluctant Gourmet
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