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Green Pregnancy

I am definitely on a "green" kick lately. I told you about Go Green Get Lean by Kate Geagan, RD a few weeks ago. Now The Green Pregnancy Diet just came out written by Radha McLean and edited by me!

Since I am pregnant with my second (it's a boy and I am due Aug 31!) this is especially good timing for this book to come out. Hopefully you know someone in your life who would benefit from it, too.

The Green Pregnancy Diet makes it easy to adapt green eating habits by providing the tips and tools you need. The fundamentals of a green diet are discussed, in addition to detailed nutritional guidelines during pregnancy and ideas for removing toxins from your kitchen. Also included are more than 20 easy, tasty and healthy recipes designed to both provide optimal nutritional value and satisfy your food cravings. All of the recipes are environmentally friendly-they use vegetarian, organic, whole grain ingredients without processed sugar or chemical additives-so you'll be making a positive impact as you dig in and eat!

In the book you will find:
  • Description of a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly diet
  • USDA and FDA-based nutritional guidelines for pregnancy
  • Easy, nutritious, flavorful recipes
  • Organic, vegetarian ingredients with dairy-, gluten-, nut- and wheat-free options
  • Tips for creating a green kitchen
Order it today as a softcover or save a tree and get it as an e-book. Let me know what you think!
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