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Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic Bulbs
Myths exist that say garlic can be used to successfully ward off vampires, werewolves, and evil spirits. While the jury is still out on that one, there is a lot of evidence that shows that garlic can at least help you ward off some diseases. With its many health benefits and great taste, it’s no wonder that this super food of the week is one of the highest on my list of favorite spices. Break out your favorite recipes and celebrate National Garlic Day on April 18th

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic is a good source of natural antibacterial properties, and has been found to help prevent blood clotting and even some cancers. Garlic is a natural source of great nutrition, and it can provide a rich flavor to some of your favorite meals and recipes.

Garlic’s main health-promoting property, allicin, contributes to its unique smell, helping the food earn its nickname of the “stinking rose.” Some studies have found that this pungent compound may:

  • help fight infections
  • prevent food poisoning
  • help fight against blood clots
  • protect you from certain cancers
  • increase blood flow to help prevent cardiovascular disease and risk of heart attack

For maximum benefit choose fresh garlic over already chopped and preserved. This will allow the allicin to be available in full effect. Also note that the most powerful forms of allicin are available when the garlic is crushed or chewed.

Using Garlic in Recipes

Ready to use this super food in your favorite recipes? Garlic is found in many recipes, and can be added to many of your average dishes. Sautee it with your favorite vegetables, meat, potato, or pasta, blend it in your favorite dips and sauces or roast and mash it to use as a spread.

Want a whole garlic themed meal? Try these amazing garlic and cheese popovers with lemon garlic shrimp and then finish it off with garlic dessert. Garlic dessert? You bet! Try this garlic mojito sorbet with spicy honey garlic brittle.

Garlic can be used in a variety of meals and dishes so experiment to find your favorite flavors, all while obtaining the many health benefits that garlic will provide to you and your family. Enjoy!   

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