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Frightening Foods

In honor of Halloween, I’ve compiled my very first countdown list – the Top 5 Scariest Foods. But I don’t mean the Fear Factory variety (like brains, worms, and the like). These foods are frighteningly high in calories, and loaded with the type of fats that up the risk of heart disease (America’s top killer). Now, I subscribe to an “everything in moderation” philosophy, so I’m not calling for an outright ban on any of these foods. But….I certainly wouldn’t support eating them all on the same day either (boy, I bet that would hurt!). All right, here they are (drum roll please)….

#5 Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese – made by scooping mac and cheese into balls, breading, and deep frying. Otherwise known as orbs of fat.

#4 Scotch Eggs – in case you’re not familiar, a Scotch egg is a hard-boiled egg, wrapped in a mixture of sausages, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. My arteries are clogging just thinking about this.

#3 Black Pudding – not pudding at all. The official definition is, “sausage made by cooking animal blood with meat, fat or other filler until it is thick enough to congeal when cooled.” I’m at a loss for words.

#2 Deep Fried Coca-Cola (which made its début at this year’s Texas State Fair) – funnel-cake batter mixed with Coke instead of water, deep fried, topped with cola syrup and powdered sugar. Enough said.

#1 Hardee’s Monster Thickburger - 1,410 calories, 107 g of fat , 45 g saturated fat, 229 mg cholesterol – yiiiiiiiiikes!
Comparison key – each day, a moderately active healthy adult should consume about 2,000 calories, roughly 55 grams of fat, no more than about 20 g of saturated fat, less than 300 mg of cholesterol.

Pepper is so frightened by these foods she can’t even look!

Have a safe (and healthy) Halloween!
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