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Frap It Up

I teach at a university, and in yesterday’s class, we were talking about the cost of fraps – the nutritional cost that is. I’ll admit it, I read celeb magazines. I try not to (really), but I love seeing who wore what, who’s dating who, and especially what celebs buy at the grocery store. That’s no surprise if you read this blog, I’m obsessed with grocery stores (not so much with celebs). Anyhoo, I’ve seen about a zillion photos of celebs carrying blended coffee drinks. And whether they’re responsible or not, icy drinks are a hot trend.

And Starbucks isn’t the only game in town. Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme are selling more drinks than donuts. So, just how are “expensive” are they (nutritionally speaking)? Check out the numbers (note the different sizes):

20 ounce Krispy Kreme Frozen Late Blend:
730 calories
24 grams of fat (20 of which are saturated)
117 grams of carbs (none of which are fiber)

10 ounce Dunkin Donuts Caramel Swirl Latte:
230 calories
6 grams of fat (3.5 of which are saturated)
36 grams of carbs (none of which are fiber)

20 ounce Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino® Blended Coffee:
510 calories
22 grams of fat (15 of which are saturated)
73 grams of carbs (2 of which are fiber)

To put these numbers in perspective, consider this:
-A moderately active, healthy adult probably needs somewhere around 2,000 calories per day (probably less for a petite female). That means one drink could provide between 10 and 35% of a day’s calorie needs.
-At that calorie level, no more than 20 grams of saturated fat should be consumed daily (according to the Dietary Guidelines).
-A standard sized slice of bread provides about 15 grams of carbohydrate. That means you could eat 2-7 pieces of toast (yum!) for the amount of carbs in one of these drinks.

Or, you could make one yourself! Here’s my version:

4 ounces brewed coffee
6 ounces vanilla soy milk
2 Tbsp chocolate chips
Handful ice
Blend coffee, soy milk, and chips. Add ice, blend again, and enjoy!

160 calories
6 grams of fat (4 of which are saturated)
16 grams of carbs (none of which are fiber)

My version might not be as decadent, but it won't blow your budget (nutrition-wise or money-wise) and it's still pretty darn good! Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo courtesy of National Cancer Institute
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