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Foods Fit for the Goths

Have you ever wondered, “Is black a color or the absence of color?” Well, if we’re talking food, it’s definitely a color, and right now it’s white hot. You could even say black is the new black! The pigment that gives black foods their color is called anthocyanin, and it’s another one of those extraordinary body guards I’m always talking about. This one (which also contributes to blue and purple foods like blueberries and eggplant) is linked to anti-aging as well as heart disease and cancer prevention. So, in honor of Halloween, I’m listed the 10 healthiest raven-colored foods, along with some non-threatening suggestions for adding them to your diet:

Black beans – delicious in soup, tacos, burritos, salads and even as a secret ingredient in brownies (really, they’ll never know)
Black sesame seeds – awesome in stir frys, noodle dishes, and baked goods
Black olives – black olive spread makes a delicious (and healthier) alternative to mayo on sandwiches, and sliced olives are terrific in all types of veggie-based salads like artichoke roasted red pepper salad, mmmmmm
Black rice – use in place of white or brown in any recipe, also great for stuffed peppers
Black grapes – yummy as is or in fruit salads or Muselix
Black lentils – fantastic in soup, lentil loaf, or as a hot or cold side dish
Black raspberries – incredible as is, or incorporated into any dessert (cobbler, pie, etc.)
Black currant – tasty in jam, preserves, sauces and sorbets
Black tea – perfect year round hot or cold
Black Mission figs - great as a snack or added to oatmeal, cold cereal, garden salads, hot or cold veggie side dishes, or chocolate covered – yum!

Did you know:
-The day after Thanksgiving is often called Black Friday (the official start of the holiday shopping season)
-Only 7% of over 100,000 people polled choose black as their favorite color but even fewer chose yellow - just 5% (blue came out on top with 16%)
-The famous Rolling Stones song Paint it Black was recorded in 1966
-The Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was an actual sea-going vessel

How do you like my spider (made of dry black rice)? Fun to eat and play with!
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