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Food Trends for 2008: Part 2

If you are wondering what to expect in the year to come, check out Food Trends for 2008, Part 1 and keep reading below!

Shopping and eating is becoming a whole experience, not just a quick in and out of a restaurant or store anymore.

Grocery stores are getting in on the trend and setting up more in-store dining, warmer lighting, and built-in sampling stations to allure shoppers and keep them in the store longer.

In restaurants, smaller is bigger. Mini desserts are becoming the trend (see picture above). The first few bites of any dessert are the best, so restaurants are making mini portions of rich desserts and keeping the price tag down on these mini-indulgences. Season's 52 restaurant was one of the first to go with this trend. They are a healthy dining concept and wanted lower calorie desserts but still tasted good. After testing low fat and low sugar desserts, they decided to go with the full fat, full sugar but just reduce the portion. Brilliant!

Along with the mini indulgences, smaller plates are all the craze. Restaurants are listening to customers who are asking for smaller portions. Some restaurants are basing their entire concept around "small plates," hoping people will get several and share. Hopefully some people will realize that one of these small plates are just enough for just one!

Other trends:

Photo courtesy of Season's 52
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