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Family Mealtime is Back!

The recession that the US and much of the world is facing is having some interesting side effects. I like to focus on the positive, so I will tell you about one of these positive results.

People are starting to eat at home a bit more in an attempt to save money. While this is no doubt hurting restaurant sales, it has been good in other aspects. Because they are eating at home, people are eating smaller portions and therefore less calories at these meals. This is good in the obesity crisis we are also facing. But the other positive is that it is bringing families together at mealtime.

When families gather around the dinner table, it is amazing what the results can be. Children can open up to their parents, talking about what happened that day. Research shows that children who eat together with their families on a regular basis have better self esteem, more confidence, and have more interaction with their parents and siblings.

If you are at a loss for even how to open up a conversation with your children, check this out: Magical Meals Manual by Connie Fitzmartin. Connie lives near Disney and makes an effort every day to make her home fun and "magical" for her kids, including mealtime.

Turn this recession and stress about the economy into a positive and spend more time at home cooking, laughing, and bonding as a family. You never know the impact this time could have for a lifetime.

For more information on fun activities to do as a family check out www.TheMagicalMom.com
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