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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Eurosize Me!

Buon Giorno from Rome! I arrived this morning and today has been wonderful (standing inside the Colosseum was incredible!). My #1 thought for the day is, "Gosh our portion sizes (U.S.) are huge!" From coffee to lunch (a field greens salad topped with deliciously ripe tomatoes and olives, doused in balsamic vinegar, accompanied by freshly baked artisan bread - yum!), everything seems mini; but only because we're used to monster sized meals. Normally, I need to ask for a half portion or doggie bag, but not today. And aside from the more human-appropriate portions, there are lots more healthy options. Both the cafe we stopped at for coffee and the lunch cafe had overflowing baskets of fresh oranges on the countertop. We also saw several fruit stands throughout the city (along with people actually eating fruit!).

Now, this isn't my first trip to Europe, so I have noticed these things before, but let me tell you, they really stand out! Here's something else that seemed strange, by "American comparison" that is - the non-tourists we observed eating were taking their time (and eating on china with silver and glassware). And, aside from McDonalds, we haven't seen a single fried item (and believe me, we walked a LOT today). Tonight's agenda includes seeking out some carciofi alla romano (tender Italian artichokes prepared with garlic and mint, braised in a mixture of olive oil and water ), and wine (of course!). Arrivederci for now!

Photos courtesy of Cynthia Sass (inside the Colosseum and city fruit stand)
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