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National Nutrition Month: Eat Right With Color!

I'm Blogging National Nutrition Month 2011
March is upon us, which you may or may not realize is a very important month for dietitians everywhere. It is National Nutrition Month!  

This year’s theme is “Eat Right With Color.” What does that mean? Simply add colorful foods to your plate. Why color? Adding color typically means that you are adding fruits and vegetables to your plate. Fruits and veggies contain phytonutrients—naturally occurring plant substances that produce colors. Each color is from a different phytonutrient, so it is important to get a variety of fruits and veggies every day!

Tips for adding more color to your plate:

1. Make sure there is at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal—aim for two!

2. Use fruits as snacks in between meals. I love snacking on fresh cherries, bananas, grapes, and peaches.

3. Move beyond baby carrots. I got burnt out many years ago on baby carrots. I used to bring them to work every day and eat them as a snack, and one day I just couldn’t eat another carrot. Now I eat sugar snap peas, sliced red peppers, edamame, and even raw asparagus as snacks.

4. Reinvent your salad. Make your salads exciting by adding fresh, canned, or dried fruits, canned beans, toasted nuts or seeds, and a sprinkle of flavorful cheese.

5. Make smoothies or learn how to juice. I got a Vitamix for Christmas and it is ideal for juicing whole fruits and veggies!

6. Fresh, frozen, canned, dried….I don’t care how you eat your fruits and veggies. Just eat them!!!

7. Eat a variety of different colors. Green veggies have different nutrients than red or purple or orange. Eat different fruits and veggies throughout your days and weeks to get a nice variety of the rainbow of colors available.

Enjoy your garden of color this National Nutrition Month! 

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