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Earthy Eating

Good morning! Well, Earth Day is approaching and since our shopping and eating habits have such a big impact on the planet, I thought I’d create a Top 5 Earth Friendly Eating Tips. Here we go:

1) Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Foregoing plastic saves about 12 million barrels of oil annually, and paper bags (which require four times more energy to produce) generate 70 percent more air pollution during manufacturing.
2) Recycle your empty food containers (glass, plastic and paper). Recycling cuts about 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year.
3) Bring your own mug to your coffee shop. Just one cup of coffee purchased every day in a disposable container contributes about 22.75 pounds of solid waste per year.
4) If you eat meat, poultry, dairy and eggs, use a sustainable supplier. Click here to enter your zip code and find stores, butchers and restaurants that have a low impact on the planet.
5) Buy food items with less packaging. Roughly one third of all garbage is packaging – you’ll reduce solid waste and save on garbage bags!

So what do you think? Do you think green when you shop? Please share your thoughts!

For more Earth Day tips, check out the following links:
National Institutes of Health
Ideal Bite
Earth Day Network
National Resources Defense Council
Center for Science in the Public Interest
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