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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Diet Goes Downhill As Day Goes On

snap your food on your phoneDo you have intentions of eating healthy when you get up in the morning and then somewhere around 3 PM you hit the candy jar at work and it’s all over? You wake up in the morning, have a healthy breakfast, and try to plan for the day ahead. But of course the planning sometimes never works out and life gets busy so in turn snacks are forgotten and the local pizza joint on speed dial just seems to be much easier. It’s not just you! This actually happens to more people than you think!

A recent survey conducted by the digital health company Massive Health confirmed that eating habits tend to break down as the day wears on. Massive Health tracked what thousands of people were eating for over five months by having them send in pictures using an app on their phones. The results of the survey showed the following:

  • The foods we eat for dinner are nearly 16% less healthy than what we ate for breakfast
  • For every hour that passes during the day, the healthfulness of the foods we eat drops 1.7%

Astounding right? It’s crazy to see it on paper, but it is a reality. People get so busy or rushed and often forget to plan ahead. People tend to skip meals more often, exercise takes a back seat, and emotions and cravings start to set in. If you ate lunch at 11:00 am and then go all the way until dinner at 7:00 pm, that is 8 hours since you had something to eat. Of course you are going to be starving and reach for or dial up or drive through for the first thing you see!

By using the following tips you can prevent this from happening and maybe even drop some of the pounds you put on recently.

  • Eat breakfast: If you don’t, you are setting yourself up to overeat later.
  • Pack snacks: You can keep them in your drawer at work so you always have them. Things like nuts or granola bars are so easy to store. I always have these on hand and also my favorite Greek Yogurts!
  • Make time to exercise: Even if it’s a short walk or bike ride after dinner. My husband and I love doing this with our two boys.
  • Incorporate fruits and veggies daily: Low calorie, low fat and many are in season and on sale now! You can’t go wrong with filling up on these in place of vending machine or fast food!
  • Have lean protein at every meal: Protein helps to promote satiety and keep you full longer.
  • Eat often: You should never go longer than 4 hours without eating something. That is what the snacks in your drawer are for!
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