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Diet Diva

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Didn't Go Hungry In Budapest

I couldn't resist...get it? Not hungry in Hungary? Hehe.

I just got back last night from my trip to Budapest and I had a fabulous time! I had a conference over there and I learned a lot and saw lots of cool sights and ate lots of good food! I always do at these conferences. They took us out to really nice dinners every night and I spent some time in the market, too. I will talk more in tomorrow's blog about all of the culinary adventures I had. I love traveling to other countries that have such unique food with much different food than you can find in the states.

I have attached a few pictures. Both are from the market. One is of me and my friend Keri sitting on a bench in the market eating our bread and cheese that we just bought. There is a cute old Hungarian woman in the picture, too. You can see a bottle of Activia Kefir on the bench, too. My friend Bonnie who took the picture was drinking that. Activia is quite popular over there.

The other picture is of me picking out some pieces of Marzipan candy. I love marzipan and become slightly obsessed with it and brought some back to enjoy.

Tune in tomorrow for more details on the food experiences I had in Hungary (and one day in Vienna, Austria).
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