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Superfood of the Week: Health Benefits of Dates

Salad with DatesWith Easter and Passover right around the corner, it’s time to celebrate with some traditional foods! Holiday foods often get a bad name since the focus tends to be placed on high fat, high calorie dishes. But what if I told you that there was a classic holiday food that was both delicious and loaded in nutrients? For the best of both worlds, look no further than this week’s superfood: dates!

There are hundreds of varieties of dates, but the best are Medjool dates, also known as the “Fruit of Kings,” because of their large size. They taste like caramel straight out of the package.

Health Benefits of Dates

I love dates because they’re packed with a number of essential nutrients including:

  • fiber
  • antioxidants
  • copper, magnesium, and calcium
  • vitamin B6, niacin, and vitamin K
  • iron
  • vitamin K
  • potassium (dates contain more than a banana!)

How to Eat Dates

Medjool dates are naturally fat-free, cholesterol free and low in sodium, while having a naturally sweet flavor. Not only are they great by themselves, but you can also cook with them or add them to your favorite dishes. For a quick burst of energy with delicious taste try dates:

  • diced and added to cereal and yogurt
  • blended in a smoothie 
  • sprinkled on salads
  • used in granola bars
  • added to breads and healthy baked goods
  • right out of the package!

Did you know that 70% of all Medjool dates are grown in Bard Valley? Bard Valley is located in Southern California right at the Arizona border. Check some of their delicious recipes.

To incorporate dates into your main meals try this delicious scallop recipe or a fulfilling pasta dish

And for a healthy baked good recipe try this ever-popular date roll. Your Easter or Passover celebration will be one to remember!

Dates are a great way to get a burst of energy and the nutrition that your body needs. Make them the star of your Easter or Passover celebration, but also for the entire year!

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