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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Cruise Blues?

Last night at a restaurant, I overhead a woman talking about a cruise she had just returned from. I had to smile when I heard her say, "After all that food I just want to eat vegetables for a week!" While I love to travel, I'm not a big fan of cruises, but, I'm extremely familiar with cruise ship food. I conducted a BIG analysis of 7 cruise ship menus for Today show travel editor Peter Greenberg's book The Traveler's Diet: Eating Right and Staying Fit on the Road. If you're a frequent cruiser or traveler, I think it's a great resource.

My contributions to the book include: the healthiest menu options available on each of the 7 cruise lines I reviewed; fitness notes (these were pretty impressive, including fully stocked state of the art gyms, yoga, Pilates and spinning classes, basketball courts, swimming pools...); lap calculators (how many laps around the deck add up to 1 mile based on the ship), cruise DOs and DON'Ts (such as don't starve yourself before you go!); how to handle a travel companion who wants you to be their eating partner in crime; the best and worst airport and hotel room service choices, and finally tips for sailing through a cruise without gaining an ounce - or even how to lose weight on your vacation (yes, it can be done!).

If you'd like me to blog on any of the above topics further, please drop me a line. I'm already itching to plan my next trip; a friend and I are researching Scotland. Bon voyage!

P.S. This photo of the Capilano Suspension Bridge is from a trip to one of my favorite places on earth - Vancouver.
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