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Have You Tried Coconut Water?

Re-hydrate and re-energize with coconut water.

Coconut WaterDuring these hot summer days my body craves something refreshing to re-hydrate and re-energize. Looking for something a bit different? Have you tried coconut water yet?  You’ve probably seen it around—it’s been gaining popularity with athletes and non-athletes alike.

Coconut water differs from coconut milk, as coconut milk is much richer and provides substantial amounts of calories and fat.

Coconut water is the clear liquid derived from a young coconut, and provides:

  • water for hydration
  • electrolytes to aid in restoring potassium and sodium
  • carbohydrates for energy
  • low-calorie, low-sugar, and cholesterol-free beverage
  • Great taste!

Not only can you drink it for hydration, but it’s versatile enough to be added to recipes as well! Spice up your meals by using coconut water as the base for soups, your favorite rice dish, and chicken dishes as well. For a delightfully refreshing side dish, try this coconut water rice dish.

Coconut water provides nutritional benefit, but don’t believe every claim that you hear! Many sources try to proclaim that coconut water aids in weight loss and disease prevention, which have not yet been proven. You can try coconut water during or after exercise, but if you’re a heavy sweater, it may not be enough sodium for you and you may want to stick with traditional sports drinks. 

Enjoy coconut water after exercise along with some other carbs and protein (like a sandwich) because it’s a natural way to replace some of your body’s needs after a good sweat. It’s also a delicious refresher in the hot summer heat.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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