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Can the FDA Limit Salt in Foods?

Salt is everywhere in our food. Even foods you don't realize contain salt have a bunch added to it. In fact, according to research published by the American College of Nutrition, most (77%) of the sodium in our diets comes from salt in processed foods. Only 12% is naturally occurring in food and a very small amount is added at the table (6%) or during cooking (5%).

The obvious answer to lowering sodium intake in this country is to go after the processed food. And the FDA is going to do just that. The FDA is going to work with food companies and health experts to gradually cut sodium out of the American diet over the next few years. The exact details as to how much is yet to be determined, but it appears as if they are going to set a limit on the amount of salt allowed in processed food.

Many food companies such as General Mills, Kraft, ConAgra, Campbell, PepsiCo, and more have made great strides in reformulating their foods to reduce sodium.

Why sodium?
An editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine last month discusses the health impact of a high sodium diet on cardiovascular disease as well as the economic impact of those diseases.

I am curious to see how food companies respond to the challenge and how their food scientists and chefs will rise up to meet it with reduced sodium food that still tastes great! Our palates are so used to high sodium that this indeed is a huge undertaking.
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