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Diet Diva

Get advice on healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss from expert dietitian Tara Gidus. 

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Book Review: 1000 Low Calorie Recipes

The cover of Jackie Newgent's Jackie Newgent is an amazing dietitian, chef and friend, but that is not why I adore her new book, 1000 Low-Calorie Recipes. This is a gem of a cookbook. Not only is it loaded with healthy recipes, everything I’ve made from pizza to salad dressing has been a show stopper, and I’m not embellishing. It has been a real treat around our house to have such an excellent resource with unique recipes and exciting twists that are sure to please my hungriest eaters.

Meal planning has instantly become easier. I’m one that likes to keep our meals interesting, and don’t like to eat the same foods week after week. With 1000 recipes to choose from, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored. Thank you Jackie for taking the challenge out of putting healthy dinners on the table!

Like I’ve said already, her book is more than a cookbook, it’s a resource. She includes her food philosophy, tips, and motivation as well. I think it’s beautiful how she shares part of her experiences as a dietitian with us, from stocking a healthy pantry and cooking techniques that save calories, to maintaining a healthy weight.

This book has helped me as a dietitian as well. I now have a recipe book that I can use in nutrition counseling sessions. My clients want to know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring, and they want to be shown exactly how to do that. I can point them directly to this cookbook; since it has all the nutrition information listed, they can be educated on what they are eating and how it falls into their meal plan. Priceless.

The most recent recipe I made was “Sloppy Jackies”, which I thought was too cute, but it was a kid favorite, too--they never even knew that they were eating zucchini!

1000 Low-Calorie Recipes would make an excellent present for the holidays.  Don’t miss out: get your copy today!

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