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Body By Milk: Get Fit By Finals

I am in Phoenix right now for the NBA Allstar events. What an experience! I have been a part of a new campaign called Get Fit By Finals that the NBA, WNBA, and Body By Milk campaign (you know, the milk mustache people) have put together. They came together because of the childhood obesity epidemic we are facing in this country (tripled in past 15 years).

The goal of the program is to get middle and high school teens to take just 3 simple steps to get fit.
  1. Nutrition: Research shows that teens who drink 3 glasses of lowfat or fat free milk instead of sugary beverages are more lean than teens who do not drink milk. It is easy to get three glasses per day: put some on your cereal, make a smoothie, drink a glass with lunch and dinner, or have chocolate milk after a hard workout to help your body recover. Chocoalte milk is actually a great fitness drink because it has carbs to replenish energy, protein to build and repair muscles, and electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat.
  2. Fitness: Get 60 minutes of exercise every day. If 60 minutes is hard all at once, split it up into 15 or 30 minute increments. Find an exercise that you like to do, whether it is rollerblading, skiing, biking, swimming, or playing a sport.
  3. Track your progress: Research shows that people who track what they do are more successful at reaching their goals. If you go to bodybymilk.com you can use the Fitness Tracker and track your exercise minutes and your glasses of milk. You can also view all of the Daily Drills. There are tips and videos put together by NBA players, trainers, and dietitians (yours truly).

BONUS: When you sign up (teenagers) on www.bodybymilk.com you can win super cool NBA merchandise OR even a trip to the NBA Finals in June! Sign up today under the Get Fit By Finals tab and use the Fitness Tracker every day.

The newest players with milk mustaches are Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets and Diana Taurasi of the Phoenix Mercury. Chris was at the event tonight and even talked about how milk helped to get him back in the game after his most recent injury!

Photo of Chris Paul's milk mustache photo shoot courtesy of bodybymilk.com
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