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Diet Diva

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Best Toppings For Your Pizza!

healthy pizza toppingsIf you’re like I am, you enjoy a nice greasy slice of pizza (or two…or three…). Just like the next guy, but you may be wondering, “How can I possibly make this meal of oh-so-good cheese, sauce, and bread of any nutritional worth?” Take this little tip. I’ve been doing it for years. Here’s the secret: add lots of veggies!

Adding vegetables to your pizza can not only make your meal more exciting and colorful, but can also add some nutrition as well as fiber.  If you’re at a restaurant, it can get a bit expensive adding extra toppings one at a time, so try and look for their specialty. Most restaurants have a specialty pizza piled with vegetables so you don’t even have to do the work.

Whether you’re the ambitious type to take on the feat of making your pizza from scratch or you more often opt for frozen, adding some pre-cut veggies or fruit (fresh or frozen) is a great idea. Check out the following list, but don’t limit yourself to these. Get as creative as you’d like!  And don’t forget how good roasted vegetables can be!

Adding these veggies on top will not only make your pizza more nutrient-dense with the added vitamins and minerals, but it will also fill you up a little faster! The added bonus …(drum roll, please) is that you end up eating less!  I know your waistline likes the sound of that.  So, instead of four slices of a six-cheese pizza, you may end up eating only two slices, simply because of the addition of veggie-packed goodness. So instead of feeling guilty for eating pizza, opt for the healthier option and load that pie up with some delicious fruits and veggies. Trust me. Your body will thank you.

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