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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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My birthday was Sunday and my sweet husband took me out for a really nice dinner. He asked me where I wanted to go and I picked Emeril's. I have lived in Orlando for 8 years and never been there. Do you have places in your town that are tourist attractions for everyone else but yet you have never been? Living in Orlando, we have a ton of tourist attractions so it is hard to keep up, but being the foodie I am I figured I should try Emeril's out at least once.

The food was outstanding. I had the Chilean Sea Bass with a parmesan polenta cake and green beans and roasted tomato. Since it was my birthday, I had the almond bread pudding with chocolate gelato. Outstanding except that I was so full I couldn't finish it!

A table next to us had a family of six with three young girls, parents, and grandma. One of the little girls was also having a birthday, and she looked to be about 11 years old. I heard them ask if Emeril makes table visits to wish people Happy Birthday. The waiter smiled and said that he had been working there for 15 months and in that time had never met or seen Emeril himself. I guess with a cooking show and 10 restaurants in 6 different cities it is hard for him to get around to them all!

Among all of his cookbooks, he has several cookbooks geared toward getting kids to eat food other than just chicken nuggets. He has a foundation, The Emeril Legasse Foundation, which supports creating educational opportunities for children.

While dinner was good, I was slightly disappointed that we didn't hear one "BAM" all night!

Photo courtesy of Emeril's.com
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