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Diet Diva
Diet Diva

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Back to Basics in the Kitchen

Since 2009 has been described as the "year of the home cook" many Americans are getting reacquainted with their kitchens. Do you remember what to do in the kitchen? Are you lost when it comes to meal planning and preparation? Looking for healthy shortcuts? Is your pantry and freezer full but yet you still feel like you have nothing to cook for dinner? You are in luck because I have some solutions for you.

I found a FABULOUS new website called the Essential Kitchen Toolkit from www.mealtime.org that helps with all of the above. I am always asked for meal plans or grocery shopping lists. These are a great place to start and you can tailor them to you and your family.

One of the best places to start is with organizing your kitchen. You should have a food storage and prep center, cooking and serving center, and cleanup center. Bills, mail, kid's toys, workout gear, etc. does not belong in the kitchen. Keep the space decluttered. Also leave room for cookbooks and a planning center for making grocery lists based on the week's menus. Spend some time perking up your pantry and reorganizing your fridge and freezer.

This site gives great tips on how to get started with meal planning and even gives a sample meal planning grid complete with meals and recipes for the week. You will also get tips on how to stock a more nutritious pantry and keep food safe. Added bonuses are tips on how to keep your kitchen green friendly and how to get your family involved!

Check out the Essential Kitchen Toolkit and click around. We don't have any excuses to order pizza when we get home because "Mom, we don't have any food in the house!"
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