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Diet Diva

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Are You a Locavore?

Are you scratching your head asking, "What exactly is a Locavore?" This term actually earned the honor of Word of the Year in the New Oxford American Dictionary last year.

The word means purchasing and consuming food that is grown locally. Many locavores try to eat food eaten within a 100 mile radius of their house. How do you do that?

Farmer's markets and supporting local food companies! Some restaurants are getting in on the trend and making 100-mile menus featuring meals determined entirely by what is being harvested at the moment with in a 100-mile radius of the restaurant. How fun!

Benefits of eating local food include getting it as fresh as possible. Scientific research supports buying local showing that nutrient value is highest when you can pick produce at it's peak of ripeness and consume it shortly after harvest. You would be surprised how long it takes some of the produce at your chain grocery stores to arrive after it has been picked.

Take advantage of the summer and it's abundance of tasty fruits and veggies that are at their prime. Visit a local Farmer's Market this weekend and whip up a nice green salad or fruit salad.

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