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Are You Hydrated?

Eight tips to help you to stay hydrated and keep you at your peak performance.

Bottles of water During exercise, particularly in the hot and humid weather of August, fluid and electrolytes are lost through sweat. If not appropriately replaced, water and electrolyte imbalances can negatively impact your health and performance. When exercising outside, whether you are an athlete or recreational exerciser, follow proper hydration guidelines to prevent feeling tired, stress to your heart, heat illness, and decreased performance as a result of dehydration

These 8 tips will help you to stay hydrated and keep you at your peak performance!

  • Make hydration a priority at meals. You actually absorb liquids better with food, and it helps with digestion, so it’s a perfect time to drink up!
  • Start and end your day with water: Your body loses water while you sleep, so drink at least 8 oz before bed and as soon as you wake up.
  • During workout classes or practice, make hydration a priority. Drink at every break in action—even when you’re not thirsty. Try to aim for 8 oz every 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Make it convenient: Make a habit out of carrying a water bottle with you at all times: when driving, running errands, at your desk, at the gym etc. so you have that visual reminder in front of you.
  • Add a splash of 100 percent juice or flavored packets to your water for some extra flavor.
  • Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water. By the time you feel thirsty, you may have already lost two cups of the fluid in your body.
  • Set a timer if you have trouble remembering to drink throughout the day.
  • Use this urine color chart to assess if you are drinking enough fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated. If your urine matches the colors 1-3, you are hydrated. If your urine matches the colors 4-8, you are dehydrated and need to drink more fluids.

 Urine color chart






What are you drinking to stay hydrated during this hot month of August?

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