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Diet Diva

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All American Makeover

With the 4th of July right around the corner, you are probably going to be eating some of your favorite All American treats. Unfortunately, America is known for foods high in fat, sugar, calories, and sodium.

Try these ideas to make over your favorite All American Treats:

Apple Pie:
Always do a single crust and sprinkle a few toasted walnuts on top instead of the double crusted pie. You can also reduce calories by skipping the canned pie filling and using fresh apples and low calorie sweetener instead of sugar. Try using part whole wheat flour in the crust, too!
Go Green with a veggie burger! Have you tasted them lately? My favorite is the Morningstar Farms Tomato and Basil flavor, but really most veggie burgers are pretty darn tasty. If you don't want to go veggie, at least get some lean ground beef to make those patties.
Root Beer Float:
Use Diet Root Beer and reduced fat/fat free or reduced sugar ice cream. Because you have the ice cream and the root beer, you won't even notice that one or both are reduced in calories. YUMMY!

Potato Salad:
Use light or fat free mayo and part light sour cream. Add a bit of grainy brown mustard for a kick!
Potato Chips:
Look for reduced fat, baked, or reduced sodium varieties of all chips.
Hot Dogs:
You can find fat free dogs that taste good, or you could use the turkey franks that are reduced in calories and fat compared to the original. And here again...go green with a veggie dog!

This 4th of July load up on the seasonal bests like watermelon, blueberries, corn on the cob, and other tasty and healthy treats!

Stay safe out there!

Photo of almond apple crumb pie (YUM!) courtesy of hfb
Photo of child with flag courtesy of respres
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