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101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

I don't usually shamelessly plug anything in this blog, but this new book, 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life is fabulous! I just had to share it with you! It is written by Dave Grotto, who is a Registered Dietitian. It is a great guide to numerous foods and their potential health benefits. This is not another "diet book," but rather a wealth of information on awesome foods that indeed could save your life!

The book is set up listing 101 different foods, a fun fact about each food (the kiwi was renamed because it resembled the New Zealand kiwi bird which happens to be fuzzy, round, and brown), the food's origin, and "a serving of food lore." He tells you where the food is grown and then why you should eat it. There is a paragraph called "Home Remedies" that give some tips on how it may help with certain ailments such as skin, immunity, antiaging, sleep, etc. Next he gives you a "lifesaver" which describes which diseases the food is linked to helping to prevent followed by tips on how to purchase, store, and cook the food.

Every food highlighted in the book has a recipe attached so you can try out that new food. Foods are listed in alphabetical order from Acai berries to Yogurt (I guess there weren't any Z foods to include). The appendix gives a sample 2000 calorie meal plan followed by more pages than you wish to see of references. While these references may not be important or interesting to most people, scientists and nutrition geeks like me sometimes like to look up the references to read the studies cited. I also love any book that takes 43 pages to list peer reviewed scientific references because I know that author did his or her homework and it is well researched.

You can view the book online and purchase it on Amazon (I just ordered 5 copies) or look for it at your local bookstore.

Happy reading! I already have 5 recipes earmarked using quinoa, figs, cumin, buckwheat, or kale. I love that the book gives easy recipes to include these foods that you might not normally use.
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