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Diabetes Still Isn't Easy
Diabetes Still Isn't Easy

FDI is dedicated to diabetes education, nutritional counseling, and wellness programming.

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Giving Thanks this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving this year is different, specifically for some of us and generally for all of us. The northeast has now had its turn in the cascade of natural weather catastrophes that beset our nation and the world. The southeast has experienced violent hurricanes that disrupted life for millions. The Midwest has seen tornadoes that did the same. Television has brought that into our households. There is no end to the barrage, but it is changing. It occurs more often and more violently.

Nevertheless, if you are reading this you are alive and as tortuous as it may be at this time, there will be a future. So, thanksgiving is a relative term for the positive you can find in all of this. Although the turkey is symbolic of the arrival of the pilgrims in the 1600s, the food you put on the table also can symbolize thankfulness, even if it comes out of a can.

Nevertheless, there is no holiday from diabetes. All the things you should have learned about carbs (simple and complex), fats, and proteins are still important. 

Lessons that may come out of these recent events teach us to be doubly prepared with back up medications and testing supplies as you would do if you travel. The purpose of diabetes education is to emphasize these points and keep you on your toes for the unexpected. It may be a good idea to call your educators and wish them a happy holiday, but also to discuss how to accommodate change this year.

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Dr. Bernstein is director of the diabetes management program at the Friedman Diabetes Institute.