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Diabetes Still Isn't Easy
Diabetes Still Isn't Easy

FDI is dedicated to diabetes education, nutritional counseling, and wellness programming.

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How to Think About the Cost of Medication

The majority of people with type 2 diabetes and many with prediabetes take some form of medication to help manage their blood glucose and reduce the risk for the multiple complications of diabetes. Additionally, a large number of these people take additional medication for cholesterol control and for normalizing blood pressure. A high blood glucose, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure is a formula for disaster. The expense of doing the right thing could be overwhelming. Fortunately, many of the desired medications have become generic and are relatively inexpensive. But that can be carried too far. Some of the older diabetes drugs are so cheap that many organizations insist that they be first line. This is not always a desired path.

When a new drug comes on the market with compelling positive data it is usually very pricey, so the question an individual and society have to ask is what is the total cost of care over years if you take it, but more importantly, what is the total cost if you don’t? Once you start treating the complications, costs can skyrocket.

Something to think about.

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Dr. Bernstein is director of the diabetes management program at the Friedman Diabetes Institute.