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Yes, No, I Need More Information

One of the overall themes of this blog will be how can you live or cope with cancer. The day you or your loved one learned you had cancer you probably suffered from surprise, shock and were numb. Almost everyone feels disbelief. You may have known something was wrong – but certainly not cancer! You may feel paralyzed and fearful. All of these emotions are normal. These emotions may last for hours, days or weeks. This initial period of time may feel like a “roller coaster” or “hurricane” – much like the victims of hurricane Katrina.

You may have known little about cancer before your diagnosis. Thus, one of your main emotions may be fear. You may fear the cancer itself, the uncertainty, the potential loss of income, the loss of health or loss of life. Your family and loved ones may feel these same emotions and fears for you or other emotions.

You may ask yourself at the time of diagnosis or during the cancer journey – how can I cope or deal with this? How will I be able to live? These are important questions that we will discuss and provide tips for you in this blog.

It is essential for your recovery that you continue to live and to have hope. You may reassess your priorities in life and that is important. From the beginning it is helpful that you get reliable information. Knowledge is power and you will need a good dose of power to get through this. Find support groups and seek out others living and surviving cancer.

Harry Truman had 3 stamps on his desk – “yes”, “no” and “need more information”. You need to use the 3rd one of “NEED MORE INFORMATION” frequently. On this blog we will help you live as survivor and gain the information you need.
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