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Welcome to the Survivorship Blog

Hello, my name is Cyndy. I have been a nurse for almost 3 decades. I love being a nurse. In my years as a nurse I have worked with individuals with cancer and their caregivers/family/friends in various settings (hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, home care, and hospice). I have cared for individuals with cancer from diagnosis and through their entire cancer journey.

In addition to working as a staff nurse I have worked as a nurse practitioner, and educator, administrator, researcher, and consultant. I spend additional time volunteering for the Oncology Nursing Society (a professional organization of about 30,000 cancer nurses), the American Cancer Society, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and other professional organizations. I have written many articles on topics related to cancer and have one book called Quality of Life: From Nursing and Patient Perspectives (Jones and Bartlett), which is being prepared for a 3rd edition. I am just finishing editing another book for oncology nurses due out in late 2006. My father is a retired physician. Together we are writing a book on Tips for Communication With Your Health Care Provider (Jones and Bartlett).

My hope is to provide individuals with cancer and their caregivers/family/friends with helpful information related to cancer. I have a special interest in symptoms, management of symptoms, coping with cancer, and quality of life. What I mean by quality of life (QOL) is how is cancer or the treatment affecting your physical well-being, psychological well-being, social well-being and spiritual well-being.

I hope you will find this blog helpful, refer other individuals to the site, ask questions and share information.
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