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Tips For Scheduling Tests When You Have Cancer

From the time you are diagnosed with cancer and throughout your treatment and survival you will need to have various tests scheduled. These may include blood tests, ultrasounds, CAT or MRI o PET scans, breathing tests and many other types of tests. There are some tips that are important to keep in mind to make scheduling and undergoing these tests less stressful.

When scheduling a test be sure that your are clear about:

1. The time when you are supposed to arrive for your test (you may need to arrive early for preparation)

2. The place where you are supposed to go to have the test done

3. Any dietary restrictions prior to the test (like nothing to eat after midnight)

4. Any special medication that is supposed to be taken or any preparations that need to be completed prior to the test,

5. Whether you are supposed to take all your regular medications on the day of the test, and what not to take

6. Whether you will need someone to accompany you to andor from the test,

When you schedule a test, be sure that you clearly communicate to the health care provider the following:

1. A history of asthma, or allergies, especially allergies to iodine, latex

2. Any chance that you are pregnant

3. If you have a bleeding ulcer or other bleeding problems

4. If you have a tendency toward claustrophobia or a fear of needles

5. All medications you are taking, including herbs, minerals, vitamins, and drugs bought in the pharmacy without a prescription (like cold and flu medication).

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