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Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

Surgery is one of the main treatments of colorectal cancer. Usually the tumor on the colon or rectum is removed as well as any lymph nodes. Sometimes pieces of the colon have to be removed and then sewn back together with a colostomy (or opening in the abdomen for getting rid of body wastes). Sometimes a temporary colostomy can be done and reversed later.

Sometimes newer ways can be used to remove the cancer like a laparoscope. This is a lighted tube. Special instruments are used to remove the cancer through small incisions, and recuperation is faster.

If you end up with a colostomy you will need help in learning how to care for it. Hopefully, family or friends can help.

There are always possible side effects of surgery which can include bleeding from surgery, blood clots in the legs and damage to nearby organs during the operation. Infections are also possible. You should report any side effects and symptoms to your physician or nurse.
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