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Strength - Do you Have It?

When I met with the long-term survivor's support group the other night I decided to ask 1 question I usually ask.

The question was -did you feel that you had a positive attitude, optimism, self-determination, inner strength or faith that helped you survive. They all agreed yes. Clinically I see this all the time and now we actually need to do the research to prove it.

As I was thinking about this and looking at many articles and books I use for this blog I was surprised to see an anonymous survivor describe how cancer means your body's outer strength will now depend on finding your innner strength. It was so well put.

She also advises to not become discouraged. She recommended relaxation and positive thoughts and make yourself your number 1 priority. Lastly, she recommends to remain positive and optimistic by knowing the facts.

As we end you may wonder why I chose this photo, but to me it represents the beautiful inner strength of us all.
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