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Optimism - Part VIII - How Your Emotional Computer Feeds Back


Your mind is like a computer. Everything you have experienced and known is recorded in your mind and is ready to play back and affect your reactions to people and situations. There are basically three emotional positions that will dictate how you react to your cancer and any situation. This is important because you can change this and it has been found that cancer patients who find new ways to cope emotionally or new strategies go on and use these in the rest of their life when they have to deal with stressful situations.

1. “I will act the way I feel!” (Emotional Position—EP—No. 1)

  • This is what you tell yourself when your emotions are in control. You learned this reaction very early in life. It was the way you acted when you were a child.
  • When you are acting the way you feel, it could be positive or negative. Your objective should be to strengthen the positive and reprogram the negative.

2. “You’re going to act the way I feel!” (Emotional Position—EP—No. 2)

  • This is the second emotional position you might use to face situations. It is believed you acquired this programming from the authority influences in your life, particularly your parents. You learned that you must relate to the feelings of your parents. You were told to act a certain way, do things that you could not understand for no reason other than your parents “felt” you should behave that way. You asked, “Why?” sometimes and got the response, “Because I said so, that is why!”
  • So now that you are grown up you can scold the dog, spank the children, criticize your marriage partner and throw your weight around, because none of these are doing what you “feel” they should do.

3. “I can not help the way I feel, but I can help the way I think and act.”
(Emotional Position—EP—No.3)

  • This is the third position that you can use in reacting to situations facing you.
  • This statement itself is used as an “affirmation” to reprogram your behavior.
  • You are fully aware of the pitfalls or your early programming; you cannot help the way you feel. You realize there is nothing intelligent about emotions; anger, impatience, frustration, jealousy, anxiety and tensions.
  • You can not help it that they appear from time to time. But you tell yourself that they will not control your thoughts and actions.This kind of discipline will eventually put you in complete control of your emotions and enable you to determine exactly the kind of person you want to be.
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