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Optimism IV - Dealing with Fear Effectively

To eliminate fear and regain control, you must experience your fears and see how they limit you. Then you need to take steps to counteract those fears, control your anxiety, and move forward once again.

Positive thoughts are powerful.
  • You can visualize your treament success.
  • When you can imagine the way you really want your life to be, you vastly improve your chances of actually achieving your goal.
  • Visualizing predicts success and motivates you to reach for the real thing.
  • Visualizing trains you to think and act positively, to say “I can beat cancer!” and “I will get better!” instead of “I can’t” or “I’ll never.”
  • Visualizing helps you push through fear so that you stop looking at the worst possibilities and focus instead on good things in your life - what life will be like when you recover.
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