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Long-Term National Cancer Survivors' Issues

Despite the many advances we have made in treatment of cancers we still have not made many in the area of long-term survivoship.

Tonight I agreed to lead a support group of indivdiduals who have survived cancer several months to 18 years. It was a large interactive group and we had some great discussions. Everyone interacted. They all had different types of cancer but it was amazing how similar their long-term issues were.

We divided the discussion into 4 sections. What are the long term issues from physical well being? What are the issues from a psychological (emotional) point? What are the isses from a social aspect (financial, isolation)? And lastly what are the issues related to spiritjual well-being (Why me? What is the meaning of my life?)?

I have done this exercise with many other groups and what is most interesting is: 1) we still have very little to help with these isses, and 2) despite the type of cancer the issues are usually very similar.

My hope is that one day we will have a surviorship clinic at every cancer center to deal with these issues.
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