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How Can the Red Devil and Breast Cancer Be Related?

It is not common for women to develop breast cancer in their 30’s. After surviving breast cancer in her 30’s Katherine Russell Rich wrote a book called The Red Devil: To Hell with Cancer – and Back. This book was an account of how she had gotten sick at 32 with breast cancer and survived. After she survived she retreated from the world of cancer until recently when she discovered there is a group called the Red Devils (named after her book). The Red Devils started in 2002 in Columbia, Maryland after Lark Schulze lost her daughter, Jessica to cancer.

The goal of the group was to improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and their families. They would spend the money on meals, grocery deliveries, household help, and transportation to doctors. They have gone from raising $3,000 to $300,000 in a year and working with 1 hospital to working with 21 hospitals. This is a simple but amazing story of the impact having breast cancer can have on not only the individual going through the experience, but other family and friends. Additionally, it speaks to the power of groups of individuals who come together to fight a needy cause.

If you would like to read more about this story you can read about it in “O” the Oprah Winfrey Magazine, October 2006, p.222-230.

Or if you wish to read the book by Katherine Russell Rich you can check at your local bookstore or on the internet. It is The Red Devil: To Hell with Cancer – and Back. It was published in 1999 by Crown Books. The ISBN # is 0609603213
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