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An Example of A Credible Cancer Website

In my spare time I work with organizations like the American Cancer Society, Oncology Nursing Society, and Lance Armstrong Foundation. Last week I was doing some work related to the Lance Armstrong Foundation so I decided to go back and visit the website. It had been months since I had looked at the website. This is definitely a site you or your family should visit. The URL is www.livestrong.org. There is tremendous amount of helpful information on the website that you can read, download or print.

There is information on physical topics, emotional topics and practical topics. This foundation also provides a variety of tools that you can use from the website or order for free (e.g. medical treatment summary, cancer survival health journal, living will). I especially like the area that has patient stories. It is helpful to know others are having some of the same experiences as you are. You can actually search the website for a story by someone who has your type of cancer (like lung, breast, testicular) and gender. You can read the story or watch a video. You can also sign up for the newsletter or to receive updates. It is amazing to me how many credible, wonderful ways there are to get information today on cancer. When I first started in my nursing career (a few decades ago) we had little to offer cancer survivors and family/friends other than a small pamphlet or brochure.

Knowledge is power so as the Lance Armstrong Foundation would say "LiveStrong" and go visit this website and others like the American Cancer Society (www.cancer.org)
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