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Courage and Cancer Survivors

I have wanted to talk about courage for awhile, but not really knowing what to say. Because of my "English, journalism training" I find myelf going back to the definition of words.
Some of the ones I found today include:

There are so many things I like about these defintions that I think are true for every cancer patient/survivor I have known -


2)ability to face danger and fear with confidence

3) strength to deal with hardship

4) and my favorites "spunkiness", "gutsiness" and "moxie"

As I thought about courage and patients and families I came across this blog so I hope you will go click on the link and read about a man of courage.


And as the picture shows: "Maybe courage does NOT always roar; Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day; that says I will try again tomorrow." And maybe it is indeed the angel that watches over our loved ones with cancer and provides the courage needed.

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